10 Ways That Your GPS Can Save Your Life

10 Ways That Your GPS Can Save Your Life

Here are 10 GPS gadgets that might one day save your life!

1. GPS Suit Could Save Your Life In A Terrorist Attack

smartsuit_full Features_smart-suit-hi-res

This Smart Suit has internal sensors that send the precise location and vital signs of the wearer back to a central command center. Designed to be used by fire-fighters and other emergency workers during emergency situations.


2. GPS Warning System Saves Lives of Motorcyclists


This warning system created by Honda warns the rider of any cars that are on a collision course. Honda says that the system is particularly helpful at intersections where the system can alert the rider of oncoming cars.

It will also be available to other vehicles as eight other motor manufactures have decided to use this system.


3.  GPS  iPhone Application Saves Snowboarder


One snowboarder was able to use his iPhone GPS application to aid his rescue in the Alps. Mr. Tavaria told emergency services his precise locations using his i-phone and they found him 6 hours later.


4. GPS Sticky Tag System Reduces Fatal Car Chases


Car chases often end in fatalities and this system will help to reduce the number of people killed. The StarChase system fires a sticky gps projectile onto the target vehicle and relays their location back to base. The GPS launcher uses compressed-air and can be used hand-held or attached to a police vehicle.


5. GPS Shoe Locates Alzheimer Patients


These shoes were designed to keep a track of Alzheimer patients who can often get lost when they are walking. The shoes have a GPS chip that will send an alert to carers via Google maps.


6. GPS Saves The Lives of Air Force Pilots

Joint Precision Airdrop System

Before the invention of GPS, pilots needed to risk their lives to see visual markers before making an air drop. Now the GPS enabled smart Precision airdrop system allows them to make drops at far higher and more importantly safer altitudes.

One US Air force pilot said: “Now with GPS, I don’t have to see it. I can drop it through clouds, at night, in bad weather.”


7. GPS Saves People Who Fall Overboard


Often when people fall overboard in bad conditions in can be hard to track their position. Sci-Tech systems have designed a Named Person Overboard (POB), that is able to provide real time tracking of any overboard victim. Many overboard victims will be saved by the inclusion of this system.


8. GPS Protects Children From Kidnappers


With kidnappings on the rise a number of products aimed at tracking children have been created. The tracking device is usually placed in the child’s bag or around their wrist and relays their position back to mom.


9. GPS Removes Human Error in Driving.



This Toyota Prius has no driver, yet is able to drive around San Francisco. The basic GPS signal is  not accurate enough for driving so the inventor had to combine it with an RTK base station to increase the accuracy to less that one inch.

We are still far away from the world of automated driving as seen in Minority Report but it’s still a step in the right direction.


10. Portable GPS Saves Man Bitten By Snake


Another example of when a GPS literally saved someone’s life was when a 27 year old man was bitten by a snake whilst camping in the woods. Once bitten by a snake, its recommend that you cease activity to reduce the spread of the venom.

As the man had a GPS he was able to stay still and tell emergency services his exact position and await the ambulance.

He made a full recovery.


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  1. August 10, 2009 at 6:43 am #

    really i like it.i agree with you that in the cooming time GPs system play a vital role in human life.
    thank for a nice post.

  2. Nick
    August 10, 2009 at 12:34 pm #

    I don’t even know how to plug in my gps. Tragic.

  3. Steven Colvert
    August 11, 2009 at 4:42 am #

    Deadly !

  4. Jonathan
    October 2, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    I have had my life saved by GPS everyday 🙂


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