3 GPS Benefits for Hunters

Satellite navigation systems aren’t just made for drivers.  When it comes to hunting, a GPS receiver can spell the difference between success or wandering aimlessly through the wilderness.  This article will discuss how the technology can be such an invaluable tool for your hunting endeavors.

Planning and Analysis

Implementing your portable satellite navigation system with topographical maps is a great way to add to the efficiency of scouting time.  If you take a look at a map and notice potential deer funnel areas where a river abuts a bluff or ridges come together, you can mark down the latitude and longitude as a waypoint and hopefully find the spot much quicker.

When out in the woods, it may be difficult to remember all the places where buck scrapes, feeds and beds are found.  With a capable satellite navigation receiver, you can build a database by making waypoints for each and then designating them with a code you can understand.  Upon returning home, you can record this information in your hunter’s log or computer.  While studying the data, you will likely observe patterns that let you know when and where to be for a successful hunt.  For instance, when taking a GPS unit to hunt deer, you can use the device to mark the spot you discover where feed is located.  When you come back to hunt deer next year, you can return to those same areas and will probably find deer feeding in the same locations.

Safe Hunting

GPS technology is very useful, as it can help you safely navigate your way through the wilderness should the weather take a turn for the worse and visibility is compromised.  If you get separated from a group of friends, you should have no trouble finding your way back to base camp.  Most importantly, if you happen to get in any serious trouble, you can use your GPS receiver to let the rescue team know your exact position.

Keeping up with Game and Yourself

In many cases, hunters become so engulfed in the pursuit of the game they stop paying attention to where they are actually going.  Then once the game is finally taken down, they realize they don’t have a clue where they are located.  Obviously, a satellite navigation unit would be very beneficial in this scenario.  Using a flashlight may not be a good move as it could scare off game, but traveling and to and from your desired location is easy when equipped with a backlit GPS receiver.


Going hunting could serve as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life.  There is no loud traffic or complex computers to get in the way of you and potential game.  Although you could always head equipped only with your best friends and hunting equipment, having a little GPS technology can go a long way in making sure you enjoy a safe and successful experience.

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