3 Non-Navigational Ways to Use Your GPS Tracking System

Have you been thinking about installing a GPS tracking system in your car?  While easy navigation is an obvious benefit, have you considered the other advantages of a GPS system?

1.) Roadside Assistance

If you happen to be traveling down the road and notice that your vehicle is experiencing issues or it breaks down entirely, a GPS tracking system can give you a piece of mind by knowing all it takes is the simple push of a button to call for help.  Most systems today have easily accessible buttons that allow you to instantly contact emergency services or find the nearest auto service facility.

2.) Instant Help

One of the best attributes of satellite navigation is the feature that acts as a panic button.  In TomTom devices, this feature is called Help Me! and can be used in case of an emergency.  This may range from situations such as a fender bender or serious car accident.  If you are in a safe environment, the GPS service carrier will speak with you and help manage with the situation.  However, if it is determined that your safety is at risk, they will immediately contact the authorities on your behalf.

3.) Safety and Reassurance

A GPS tracking device can give a peace of mind to many parents.  If you lend the car out to your teenager for the night, a good satellite navigation system will provide you with the ability to call and check the exact whereabouts of the vehicle and your child.  Best of all, this can all be done discreetly.  You don’t have to interfere with their plans when you are simply trying to ensure their safety.

Get Your Money’s Worth

There are many benefits to having a GPS tracking system, but before you make an investment, be sure that you understand what you are getting for your money.  It is vital that you find out exactly what options are covered in your plan along with any monthly fees that may apply.  After finding a solution that is right for you, be sure to have the satellite navigation system implemented by a certified installer to get the most for your money and all the functionality the unit has to offer.

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