We’re all lucky to live in today’s modern age because digital wonders like the Global Postioning System are constantly at our fingertips. With the help of GPS, the world has become a smaller, more manageable – and most importantly – a more navigable place. Today, the average electronics consumer has access to the same technology that was limited to only the top tiers of the armed services as recently as one generation ago. Technology that was once only available in the form of a huge, unwieldy device – often as large as an entire room, or even a city building – is now accessible even to those of us who aren’t terribly tech-savvy, and is so small and efficiently designed that it may be comfortably held in the palm of the hand.

For all these reasons and so many more, we are passionate about GPS, and we wanted to convey that passion and interest into the making of this site. We hope that you find our site to be a friendly, informative tool that allows you to enjoy your GPS device more fully – and we hope that, as a result, you come to be as excited about GPS technology as we are!

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All of the above is only a taste of what’s available in the wide world of GPS, and we hope that you’ll stick around to find out more about how GPS can take the convenience of your life to the next level.