amAze: The free mobile GPS navigation software

amAze is a free to download mapping and GPS navigation software specifically designed for mobile phones. It is compatible to both internal and external Bluetooth GPS. amAze offers an extensive coverage of comprehensive maps plus photos for North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and parts of Africa.

amaze1With amAze you can rotate the map on your conventional java phone according to your driving route. The satellite images with high resolution offer the minutest of details. On a single map you get a detailed roadmap superimposed on the comprehensive satellite image.

With the help of a simple graphical indication amAze will let you know about the weather forecast of a particular region every time you see the map. amAze’s lets you have the weather forecast for the next 5 days, therefore, you can plan your tour accordingly. Once you select the option of ‘weather update’ from the menu, the right upper corner of the display shows the temperature, wind direction and speed, and weather conditions.

amAze allows you to search all the places of interest with their category or name. You can see them on the map and can also mark your own places of interest with the help of each ‘thumbtack’. The different colors reveal various geographical data layers.

The local search directories offer you the listings of addresses that match the features you’re searching, accompanied by a voice-guided navigation system for Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers. The vocal guiding system makes your phone talk and direct you securely to your destination.

amAze makes navigation simple with your preferred language. You can change the settings as per your choice by simply going to the ‘regional setting’ option. You can change the user interface’s language and the voice instruction’s language.

You can get directions with distinct visual arrows which would indicate you the correct turn with perfect signal of the subsequent intersection. It is inexpensive on data consumption as well. This feature is also an ideal solution for the people who often travel beyond their home network.

A new 4.5 version of amAze has been introduced with:

  • improved user interface
  • faster maps
  • additional keypad short codes
  • more support for handsets
  • new support for iDEN handset
  • better touch screen support
  • change screen for Portrait/Landscape modes
  • complete Earth view with “Rotating Globe”
  • maps for new countries
  • improved local search mechanism
  • bug fix and many more…..

The supported manufacturers for amAze are Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, Fly, i-mate, LG, Mio, HTC, Asus. Most popular devices for the software are Nokia E71, Nokia N96, BB 8110, BB 8310, SE w910i, SE C702i, LG KU990, and HTC Diamond. Also, soon to be compatible with Android.

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