Cache In Trash Out – How GPS and Geocaching Help the Environment

GPS can assist in environmental protection in many ways, but what’s probably a lesser known fact is that Geocaching can do so as well – in a simple, yet innovative type of way. With the Cache In Trash Out initiative, Geocache enthusiasts are helping to clean up our outdoors areas, while having a really fun time doing so.

How Cache In Trash Out Works

Cache in Trash Out is an ongoing environmental initiative, and it is supported by the worldwide community of geocachers. Ever since 2002, people who love the geocache hunt have also committed themselves to cleaning up the parks and other areas in which the caches they seek are likely to be hidden. Because of their volunteer work, the natural beauty of the outdoors – and the resources that it provides – is better preserved.

International Cache In Trash Out Events

On an annual basis, International Cache In Trash Out Events are held, giving geocachers the chance to participate in a coordinated clear-up effort that extends across the globe. In order to make this happen, geocachers will host clean-up events in their local areas on the pre-determined day, just as their fellow geocachers do the same all over the world. With the collective impact of this massive effort, a big dent in global problems with littering and lack of natural preservation is made. And best of all, it’s fun for everyone involved at the same time.

Events in 2008

Unfortunately, for those newly interested in Cache In Trash Out Events, the global initiative for 2008 has already taken place, as it was scheduled for the weekend of April 19th and 20th. The event was sponsored by DeLorme. However, anyone interested can make a habit of helping to clean up local parks and such every time a geocache hunt is undertaken. And check the internet for the upcoming dates of next year’s global Cache In Trash Out weekend for helping the environment.

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