Combat Rising Auto Theft Crimes with New GPS Technology

One of the worst feelings you can experience is walking back to your car – only to find that it isn’t there.  More than likely, it has been stolen by a criminal.  Losing your vehicle to theft is a terrible situation.  Ridding the world of criminals is impossible, but thanks to advancements in GPS technology, you can make retrieving your stolen vehicle a little easier.

Criminals on the Rise

istock_000004065861xsmallIn the European Union in 2006 alone, car thieves stole more than one million automobiles.  According to Europol, the law enforcement organization of the EU, “no other type of criminal activity is as lucrative for such minimal risk.” Most automobiles stole in the European Union are then trafficked to other countries, resulting in more than €6.75 billion in revenues on the black market.

In addition, the targets of auto criminals are changing as well.  While family cars were once the main target, thieves have begun to steal luxury cars, such as BMWs and Mercedes.  These criminals may break into homes to obtain the car’s keys and pertinent documents.  Or they may purposely crash into a luxury car, and when the driver steps out of the car to survey the damage, a gang of criminals will immobile the individual and then steal the car in the street.

With the changing economy, the number of stolen cars is anticipated to rise – unless GPS comes to the rescue!

Mitigate Car Theft with GPS

Fortunately, GPS is a valuable and readily available tool that can help reduce this problem.  Many in car sat nav systems can make it possible to track the location of a stolen vehicle.  These devices work in real-time and receive frequent updates to make them as accurate as possible.

If someone makes the mistake of stealing your car with a GPS tracking device, there is a great chance that they will not get too far before the authorities can track down the car.  When it comes to your precious vehicle, a GPS tracking system could be the determining factor to whether or not you get it back in one piece.

If you drive an automobile that is highly sought after by criminals, a GPS tracking system is a sound investment. While nothing is guaranteed, you have a much better chance of tracking down your vehicle with the aid of GPS than without it.

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