FCC Approves Garmin nuvifone


Engadget has recently discovered that the long-awaited nuvifone, a device they have been speculating about now for more than a year, has finally received approval from the FCC.


Digging a bit deeper into the details of the filing reveals some potentially interesting clues as to exactly where we might see this nice little piece of hardware pop up. According to filings, Note 6 (above) is referenced as:

“This 15.0 x 3.5 mm field to contain the AT&T SKU number”

This seems to confirm AT&T will be the operator rolling this out. Closer inspection also reveals the label “Garmin nuvifone G60”, which could possibly be a model number?

With Garmin joining the Open Handset Alliance, and the speculation regarding their potential shift to Android, could this G60 not only be a reference to Garmin, but a continuation of the G-X Google enabled handsets expected to follow the launch of T-Mobile’s G-1?

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