Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS Receiver

If you are a person who absolutely loves the great outdoors then the Garmin eTrex Venture is something that you must have. This is a handheld GPS device which will not fail to impress you. The speciality about this device is that it offers you the best features in the lowest price! It will give you the best performance no matter the environment that surrounds you.

Garmin etrax venture hc

It is enabled with a highly sensitive GPS receiver which will give you correct and accurate reading through the toughest conditions. You can count on the device even if you are deep inside canyons. It will help you find your way even in the bleakest of moments. The device has a detailed basemap and offers an internal memory of 24MB which will help you save locations. It can store up to 10 track logs and 500 waypoints. You might feel that the storage is short but don’t let that hold you down because you also have the option of adding some more external memory.

The GPS is easy to handle and carry with you because it is smaller than you’d expect of such a device. It is designed for convenience; this is because it has a layout which is simple and uncomplicated. The screen of the device is also a feature which sets it apart; it is fashioned in such a way that you can view the screen even in the harshest sunlight, without having to shade it.

Much of the device is dedicated to the screen which has 256 colours; this will let the users navigate the maps easily and without much difficulty. It can run for up to 32hours on the usual AA alkaline batteries. So give yourself a treat and buy the eTrex Venture.


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