Garmin GTM 10

Garmin’s GTM 10 is a traffic receiver with FM-band. You need to install it between the antenna and automotive radio system. It offers you the concurrent traffic information to the compatible Garmin GPS navigation devices. The on screen map of your navigation system recognizes the troubled areas and helps you to watch the traffic flow.

The undesired traffic snarls, construction work, or road accidents make your driving very stressful at times. Garmin GTM 10 facilitates your safe drive, saves your precious time and fuel, and offers you peace of mind during your driving as it adds traffic services to your compatible Garmin navigation devices. It reports timely and precise notification of road construction, accidents, emergency or police action, etc., so that you can monitor the traffic flow and, if needed, can reschedule your route plan.

GTM 10 functions as a radio receiver and receives the information broadcasted on TMC or traffic message channels. Subsequently, the data is forwarded to your compatible GPS unit after it is converted into USB-compatible data. It uses RDS or radio data service technology. It weighs only 2.7 ounces or 76.5 grams. While purchasing one you get GTM 10 FM traffic receiver, three common adapter cables, and detailed setup guide.

The number of cities where TMC information is available is growing very fast throughout Europe and North America. In the majority of the areas TMC continuously broadcast latest, updated traffic information. Therefore, you do not have to wait for the random alerts or scheduled traffic news.

GTM 10 is a permanently installed device but it needs professional installation with the stereo of your vehicle. A cable makes connection between Garmin’s GTM 10 and the compatible Garmin unit through the USB connection of the GPS. Garmin’s GTM 10 is compatible with several navigation systems like nüvi 350, Streetpilot 7500, StreetPilot 7200, StreetPilot 2730, StreetPilot 2720, and StreetPilot c340. The zumo series of devices like zumo500, 550, 400, and 450 are also compatible to GTM 10 and therefore it is great for the motorbike rides as well.

GTM 10 is generally available with a subscription of 15 months to the service. GTM 10 is a GPS device that does not obstruct the usual entertainment radio programs as the antenna is shared among entertainment radio channels and Garmin GTM 10.


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