Garmin Nuvi 1340 Satellite Based Navigational Device

If you are looking for a satellite based navigation system which is affordable, yet sophisticated, the Garmin Nuvi 1340 is the device for you. It is packed with attractive features which can match some of the best top-end navigational systems available in today’s market. It is light weight, yet has a wide screen which will clearly display the route. Since it is ultra-thin, it can be easily carried around, in case you are using more than one automobile.

To help you save fuel while traveling, the Nuvi 1340 has an option called as EcoRoute to allows you to determine the best possible route for increased fuel efficiency. If there are any roundabouts or junctions coming up, the Lane Assist feature will help you in choosing the right lane.

Easy to Use

One of the most appealing features of the Garmin Nuvi 1340 is the ease with which you can use the device. You do not need any instructions manual as the options are self-explanatory. In any case, you are provided with a comprehensive instruction set which will definitely educate on using the 1340 efficiently. The different features of the device are also very easy to understand, enabling you to make complete use of it.

The Screen

The screen is a very important part of a navigational device and the Garmin Nuvi 1340 has an excellent one. The wide screen measures 4.3 inches diagonally and is very clear, although the layout is pretty simple. The letters and maps are simple, yet elegant and most important of all, very easy to read. Visibility of the screen in sunlight is impressive with excellent viewing angles.

The Navigation

There is nothing fancy about the navigational capabilities of the 1340. That is what makes it all the more impressive. With too many features, you might get confused about which one to use. The maps, which are pre-loaded on the device, are very simple, yet detailed and precise. The device will alert you with a ‘ding’ every time you should make a turn or slow down. There is also an option of loading more maps on the external memory, which is the SD card.

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  1. Thomas
    August 6, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    After getting lost generating from Brussels to France, we stopped in a new Carrefour (France’s version regarding Wal-Mart) and acquired this GPS for a hundred thirty Euros (about $190). We all drove around 5 unique European countries and had been never lost again. That speaks the street name calling and has a somewhat wide screen. Don’t possibly consider driving in European union w/o a Gps unit. . .The round-around-abouts (traffic circles) along with constantly changing street companies will drive you crazy. I was curious whether or not this worked in the United states of america, so I tried out at home. It shows you what road you are saved to but no points of great interest are loaded so you won’t provide directions in the united states. On the plus aspect the European list of web sites is very complete.

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