Geocache Army – Dare you take Geocaching across borders?

The world of geocaching bounds across geographical boundaries, and if the hunt itself isn’t fun enough for you already, there are other twists and turns that creative minds have dreamt up in order to make the chase that much more interesting! One such example of this is that shown by the inventive, fun-loving people behind Geocache Army!

toy soldier

What is Geocache Army?

The Geocache Army is not what you may expect. In fact, it’s made up of toys! Indeed, the Geocache army consists of multitudes of little green toy army soldiers – much like those you and your friends may have played with as a child – left in various geocache site area by Kim and Terri Ferguson, a pair of geocache aficionados.

The Fergusons have left a Geocache Army soldier at every single geocache that they have found, and they have planted many at the geocache locations they’ve left along the North Shore of Vancouver. The Fergusons are proud to announce that the ‘initial deployment’ of the troops began on June 21, 2003 in both North Vancouver and Vancouver itself.

How to Play with the Geocache Army

The ‘Commander’ requests that everyone interested help to deploy the soldiers to as many distant locales as possible! The various places that Geocache Army soldiers have already traveled can also be viewed on the Ferguson’s website, at

To date, soldiers have traveled to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Italy, France, England (home of the Beetham Towers), Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Thailand, and Iraq. Still other soldiers are reported to be en route to other European countries. Help the global effort to bring Geocache Army soldiers far and wide, and have a great time doing it.

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