Getting Kids Started with Geocaching

Geocaching isn’t only for adults – kids can have a lot of fun participating in the activity as well, and they can learn a great deal about navigation and orienteering in the meantime. It doesn’t take much to start. Just a child who’s willing to learn, a spirit of adventure, and a portable, handheld Global Positioning Device. If you have these things, you’re all set to go.


How Do Kids Start Geocaching?

All kids who are learning about geocaching will need the help of an adult, particularly in the early stages. For the coordinates of a local geocache that can make for an easy first destination, the adult can check on and choose the geocache based on the ease of locating it. Keep a rough timeframe as to how long you’d like to spend finding the geocache in mind when deciding on which to go after.

Using the Information on Geocache to Narrow Your Search

On the homepage, you’ll find information on thousands of geocaches, each with its own name and coordinates. To start, enter your zip code in the top right hand corner of the page. The results that you’ll find will be the closest geocaches to your home. Several other columns of information will also be provided, including one called ‘Description’ and another called ‘Placed.’ In between these two columns you’ll find a mileage figure that will tell you approximately how far away the cache is. For the child’s find geocache adventure, it’s a good idea to choose a geocache that’s within a couple of miles.

Other Things to Consider

When choosing the geocache, you will also want to take difficulty and terrain into consideration as well. On the site, both of these are rated from one to five, with five being the most difficult. The terrain rating will tell you how level the ground surrounding the geocache is – relatively level ground will be rated ‘one.’ To begin, most families and children interested in geocaching should probably start with a 1/1 to a 2/2 rating, as these will be perfect for beginners, and are still challenging enough to make the process fun.

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  1. June 20, 2008 at 11:49 am #

    I have great fun geocaching with my kids. They call it “treasure hunting” and we have visited many great places that will provide many memories.

    Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

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