GoLearn Skateboarding app for iPhone, iPod Touch

GoLearn Skateboarding functions both for iPod Touch and iPhone. GoLearn Skateboarding deserves to be a part of your skating arsenal particularly when you intend to go out of your town on holidays and really wish to enjoy skate. GoLearn Skateboarding app from Whagaa software has been designed for iPod and iPhone.

golearn1GoLearn Skateboarding app use the iPhone’s GPS to let you know about the skate park destination available within the radius of 100 miles.

You may have always wondered that how the Pros are able to perform those unique skateboard tricks! Now it is your time to find out. Santa Cruz Skate Shop and Whagaa Software offer you GoLearn Skateboarding which is the first mobile application to integrate a GPS Skatepark Locator and instructional videos.

The application incorporates unique video display of skateboard tips as well as the tricks like rails, ollies, curbs, stairs, ledges, flips, airs, and bowls. You may visit the skateboard mechanic section for the necessary instructions on maintenance, and repair. The skateboard mechanic feature offers video demonstration of perfect maintenance and care. The title includes wheel selection, trucks 101, skateboard assembly, bearing maintenance, and many more.

You can access the comprehensive database of skateparks in the US with the help of GPS Skate Park Locator. The locator detects your location automatically. You will get a listing of parks in your locality after entering your zip code. The state park database is constantly being upgraded with the inclusion of new locations. You will be able to know about the new skate parks while making journey to the new locations.

WiFi, phone, or GPS connection will help you to automatically detect the location. For driving directions and maps you need to have Internet connection. The high-class video files may increase the download or instillation time. It is good for you to download and install the application with the help of iTunes in your desktop computer.

With this application the enthusiasts will be able to learn various tricks, locate new skate parks, as well as listen to their favorite tunes. The application influences GPS and recognizes high rated areas in the close vicinity to the skateboarder.

GoLearn Skateboarding is ideal for all levels of skateboarders like the entry level to expert. This application helps you to learn tricks of selecting proper safety, right board, and maintenance and repair.

GoLearn Skateboarding incorporates introduction, skateboard mechanic, tips and tricks, more than 45 HD videos with slow motion feature, comprehensive instruction, and skate park locator.

The techniques offered by GoLearn Skateboarding are useful for even the most advanced skateboarders.

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