Government Deploying GPS for U.S. Census

GPS navigation systems are becoming immensely popular, especially as the technology is being incorporated across various sectors.  Tracking devices have recently been incorporated into law enforcement operations in select American states, and it looks as if the United States government wants more of the action as well.

The U.S. Census Bureau plans to utilize GPS systems in its 2010 census to increase accuracy and efficiency.  By doing so, the government will be able to ensure that every citizen in the nation is accounted for.  Most importantly, they will make sure everyone is only counted once.  Government officials are confident that the implementation of GPS tracking systems will not only to help reapportion seats in the House of Representatives, but also bring in additional tax dollars for state and local governments.

A New Method for Better Results

Come next year, census workers will gather their data much differently than in past times.  Instead of putting all the focus on traditional home residences, they will be counting occupants in college dorms, rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters and prisons, among other locations.  In addition, workers will verify addresses from prior lists composed over the last couple of years.  When it is all said and done, the census will be composed from the largest and most accurate address list in the country.  As census workers travel the U.S. in search of data, their steps will be carefully tracked by GPS technology.

The typical census campaign spans over a period of four months and requires the aid of more than 140,000 people.  You can imagine what a chaotic process this can turn out be without the use of efficient systems and advanced technologies.  This time around, instead of relying on paper maps, all routes can be planned and thoroughly checked for accuracy.  The result is a seamless process that saves time, eliminates errors and ultimately enables a more realistic count, which is the overall goal of the U.S. census.

U.S. Government Setting Examples

GPS has proven to be a technology that gets the job done in many areas outside of helping motorists find the nearest shortcut.  When it comes to gathering accurate census data, the benefits it offers to the government sector are plentiful.  Organizations throughout the nation may want to observe the U.S. Bureau’s move to implement GPS tracking systems into its grueling census campaign.  When used effectively, this technology can help companies of various sizes better organize their operations and boost productivity across the board.

Photo Credit: Colorado Springs Gazette

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