GPS and Your Friendly Neighborhood Tractor

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GPS Navigation and John Deere tractors – perhaps two phrases the layman never thought he’d hear in the same sentence? But alas, with the advent of modern technology comes the additions of that technology to more obscure parts of the economy that you may or may not expect. In this case, GPS technology has influenced agriculture and farming! The Leica Geosystems No Drift mojoRTK continues to supplement their product with additional steering platforms, and to top this off, they’ve just recently extended their plug-and-play system so that it now includes the ability to steer older CCD systems for steering, in addition to all of the newer tractors that are CAN-based. All of this is possible because of the John Deere GreenStar system, which is hugely grounded in GPS navigation technology.

Leica Geosystems No Drift mojoRTK

The Leica Geosystems No Drift mojoRTK, which is installed in either the DIN slot of the tractor cab or in the cab’s radio, is not able to provide RTK-guidance to Chrisler Collision Detection, or CCD steering-system tractors. This is accomplished through either the recently developed GreenStar 2600 monitor,which comes with a touch-screen feature, or else the original GreenStar brown box. Thus, via the GreenStar system, the mojoRTK can connect to Auto Trac-ready CCD steering systems and allow tractor operates better capability when steering. On top of this, growers who depend on the income that farming brings can now enjoy a much more affordable option for RTK in their farm equipment.

What No Drift Technology Does for the Average Farmer

The GreenStar system allows tractor owners the ability to steer more easily – in essence, without drifting. Though the technology has become much more sophisticated than this, in a nutshell, this is what takes place at the basest level. But now, with the addition of the No Drift mokoRTK to the farmer’s repertoire, GPS technology is employed to the end of improving and simplifying farming techniques. Anyone who currently owns a John Deere can now find RTK accuracy in steering, while still maintaining access to advanced upgrades. Some examples of there would be 8 and 16-mile range extensions, and GLONASS satellite connection.

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