Would you Pay $100 to Avoid a Red Light Camera?

Would you Pay $100 to Avoid a Red Light Camera?

Apparently a lot of people would, if sales of the GPS Angel V4E Red Light and Speed Camera Detector are any indication. These dash-mounted devices cost about $100 and come with free red light and speed camera database updates for life.

GPS Angel V4E Red Light and Speed Camera Detector

The GPS detector finds not only your personal location, but also red light cameras, speed cameras and photo radar, using SiRF Star III GPS technology. The red light and speed camera database covers the US and Canada.

With the GPS Angel, you get both audible and visual alarms when you approach camera locations. To use it, you plug the cord into the cigarette lighter and place the GPS Angel on the dashboard. The database is being updated constantly, and you can download the updates on your Windows PC. Unlike other red light camera and speed detector GPS systems, the GPS Angel charges a one-time fee rather than a subscription-type fee.

red traffic lightThey’re small – only a couple of inches wide, and not terribly flashy or attention getting, so it’s probably not going to be a thief magnet, at least until everyone figures out what these odd looking little devices do. It is also supposed to give warnings for upcoming school zones, but users have said that it sometimes misses them.

You can also add your own points of interest by pressing one of the buttons on top, causing the device to add a location to the data base. This can be handy for adding known speed traps. Set-up is right out of the box, and you get online updates to the database forever.

Apparently a lot of communities are facing budget crunches and are using red light cameras and speed cameras to make up municipal shortfalls, so the popularity of the GPS Angel V4E is likely to increase. They’ll probably be very popular under Christmas trees in 2010 too.

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