GPS Gadget: TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver for USA and Canada

For about $180 you can get a little 8.8 x 4.3 x 1.5 cm box that gives your smart phone or PDA instant GPS functionality without wires. The TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver for the USA and Canada has Bluetooth connectivity, and so eliminates the need for cables. The high-performance GPS antenna works great in urban or rural settings. It’s small enough to pop into your purse or pocket and is compatible with most PDAs (as long as they have Bluetooth capability). It comes with a car and home charger.

The TomTom Bluetooth GPS receiver is great whether you’re navigating an urban area on foot, or whether you’re in your car or on a bike. Users have reviewed this device very positively with a number of devices, including the iPod Touch. It may take a moment to find a signal, but then you’re good to go. Another feature that users like is that it turns off automatically when it’s no longer connected, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on. To turn the device on, there’s one button on the device. On an iPod you click one button and you’re connected. For the jailbroken iPod Touch, this TomTom gadget is a great and inexpensive GPS alternative to kits from Apple.

Also, users with a jailbroken iPad WiFi-only version can use this device, turning the iPad into a larger alternative GPS for use in travel. You pair the TomTom for iOs app or Navigation app with the receiver. The jailbroken iPad will recognize the receiver and hook up immediately. Use a Bluetooth GPS pairing app to locate position and satellites. It takes about five minutes the first time. The receiver works great in the car, with no position lag, and pairs up flawlessly with navigation software.

Other mobile devices users have paired with the TomTom Bluetooth GPS include the Nokia 5530 XM, the Samsung Galaxy (whose S line has well-known problems with the internal GPS), and various Android phones. The list of devices with which it is compatible is very extensive. Users have even discovered that it works in South America with maps from Google Maps, Garmin XT, and OviMaps.

For users of devices with sub-par internal GPS receivers, the TomTom Bluetooth GPS opens up the world of GPS on their phone quickly, and with no trouble. It can be used with Google Maps, My Tracks, and Speedview, among other apps. Officially compatible with devices by Acer, Dell, HP, T-Mobile, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson, the TomTom Bluetooth GPS device has been found to work with numerous other devices, including Apple devices that have been jailbroken.

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