GPS & Geocaching in Education

Geocaching and GPS can integrate nicely into a comprehensive higher education program. This can actually be accomplished relatively simply – all one really needs is a GPS device, and a hunger for adventure!


Again, to start, may be consulted in order to locate the latest local treasures in your areas, and this can direct you as to how to hide your own cache. If you’re an educator yourself, you may even want to hide your own geocache somewhere on the school grounds!

Geocaching Education Purposes Extend Across Many Fields of Study

As many of us are already well-aware, the benefits of GPS are all around us. Historians are able to use GPS to map historic sites, archaeologists use it to make specific artifacts within dig sites, genealogists employ GPS to mare abandoned cemeteries and gravesites, military historians use it to track troop movement on the battlefield, cartographers user Global Position System to make maps, and thousands and thousands of more applications still exist across an eclectic array of other academic fields of study.

Thus, virtually no matter what your interest and expertise as an educator, implementing GPS and Geocaching into your curriculum can enhance the quality of the education you’re providing your students.

A Few Examples of What Students Can Learn Through Geocaching

Students will have a great time geocaching while also learning, probably much more than they may realize at the time. For instance, they’ll learn mathematics – specifically trigonometry – as they calculate angles and triangulation. They’ll also use math to determine distances and direction. Secondly, they’ll become adept at completing field work, as they learn how to collect data. And perhaps most obviously, they’ll learn about geography, as the use coordinates to decipher the latitudinal and longitudinal whereabouts of the cache they seek.

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