GPS Gift Ideas for the Avid Sportsman

I have just gone through the havoc of buying a gift for the “guy who has everything!” I decided that I should use my GPS knowledge to get him a gift he remembers. He is a real “sportsman” so i had to take that into account when buying his gift. So hear are some of my top ideas – please tell me if you don’t agree!

playing golf

I knew that GPS technology can help to enhance the golf game of the friend or relative who can’t spend enough time on the course, make hiking that much more fun for someone who loves to be out in the wild, or improve the PR time of somebody you know loves a good sunrise run.

For the Golfer

Any avid golfer you may know will likely fall in love with the SkyCaddie golf GPS receiver for a number of reasons. The SkyCaddie is unique because it combines cutting edge Global Positioning System technology with precision-mapped data about the golf course itself, allowing the user a heightened awareness of accurate course distances and the specifics of course features.
A library of more than 11,000 downloadable course maps is available.

Skycaddie also includes information on bunkers, carries, creeks, hazards, the all-important distance to the flag, and much more. The SkyCaddie rangefinders will fit the needs of golfers of all stripes and skill levels.

For the Runner

The avid runner among your family or friends will be amazed by the features available with the Forerunner 305. It offers a heart rate monitor, GPS tracking of speed, distance, routes, times, pace alerts, and even an altimeter. It’s also a cheerleader and coach for those tougher moments in a run, and it can be conveniently worn on the wrist.

For the Hiker

A handheld GPS device is of course a necessity for any outdoors enthusiast – skiers, fisherman, and hikers alike. The eXplorist 210 has a moving map display instead of just a track path line, which can come in handy outside, as it’s a much more comprehensive guide. It also offers an ample built-in mapset which includes waterways, parks, major roads, and points of interest. Lastly, it features a USB data port, rubber-armored construction, and a PC application for geocache management.

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  1. October 18, 2008 at 9:40 am #

    thought you would like to know that you can Now Try before you buy. rent a Golf GPS

    We have SkyCaddie & Golflogix ready to go.

    any suggestion would be helpful.

    thank you

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