GPSGolfShot – Golfers Have Reason to Buy Blackberry

GPSGolfShot – Golfers Have Reason to Buy Blackberry

Golfers now have another reason to buy a Blackberry Pearl, Storm, Curve, or World Phone: a real-time rangefinder app to use on the golf course.

GPSGolfShot  is a new golf rangefinder application approved by Verizon Wireless for using their GPS interface on Blackberry devices. That makes GPSGolfShot so far the only golf GPS system available that gives golfers real-time shot measurements, if they subscribe to Verizon Wireless.

Not only that, but GPSGolfShot offers some extra features that make it a great golf GPS system for use on a mobile phone. For one thing, the PowerSaver battery optimizer lets you conserve your battery by only activating the GPS when it’s needed. If you start out with your Blackberry fully charged, GPSGolfShot is said to last long enough for 36 holes and have enough juice so you can make calls afterward.

When you arrive at the course, GPSGolfShot automatically downloads the course map, meaning you don’t have to use a PC, or even enter any data into your Blackberry. You just start the app and go. There are over 16,000 golf courses already mapped and ready to use. You can go to to find out if your favorite course is mapped yet.

GPSGolfShot is designed to be accurate and fast, with easy to read large format text and the option of having your distances read aloud. There’s also shot measuring capability for tracking and recording shot distances.

Before downloading GPSGolfShot, you have to first install VZAppZone from your Blackberry device. The golf app costs $29.95 per year for unlimited use. A free trial is also available

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