GPS Mapping Software Demystified

GPS software, particularly types of mapping software, can greatly enhance your portable GPS or in car sat nav system, depending on your needs. Whether your primary goal is to build topographical maps or plan your next vacation, GPS mapping software can get you there.

Street Travel Mapping GPS Software

This type of GPS software focuses on providing points of interest and driving directions, including detailed information on cities, back roads and major highways, as well as attraction information. This is perfect for the average traveler, whether you take the family on an annual trip or travel frequently by car for business.

Topography Mapping GPS Software

This type of GPS software is best-suited for the outdoor enthusiast who enjoys manually plugging in custom routes, particularly for foot or off-road travel. With topography maps, you can usually determine elevation and terrain information.

Features to Look For

· User-friendly: Average GPS software shouldn’t require an expert to navigate its features and map tools. It should also be relatively simple to install and upload maps onto your portable or car GPS.

· Customer Service: Take some time to read reliable GPS reviews to find GPS software with a good track record and access to helpful customer service, should you have any questions.

· Customization: The main difference between traditional maps and GPS mapping software is the ability to customize your map and route. Software with photos, illustrations, note attachments, and draw tools should enhance your map-creating experience.

· POI: Any mapping software you purchase should have the ability to add or subtract various points of interest from your maps, as well as give you access to attraction contact details.

· Safety: Make sure your GPS software program will route you properly and offer updated maps and information to ensure you get where you need to go safely.

In addition to the features offered on most sat navs, such as real-time tracking, Bluetooth integration, multimedia applications, and voice navigation, your mapping software will allow you the pleasure of creating customized maps in the comfort of your own home. With draw tools, most mapping software allows you to insert images, text, and internet links, as well as mark trails, travel routes, and highlight multiple routes on one map. Then, if your trip is a success, share your map with a friend or save to use again!

TomTom GPS Mapping

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