GPS to the Rescue: More than Simply Navigation

Other than helping you navigate your way through town, your GPS system can also turn out to be a life saver!   This is because most in car GPS systems allow your family, the monitoring service and the authorities to know your whereabouts.  Should an emergency occur, a GPS device can be the difference between life and death.

Automobile Accidents

gps-tracking-systemWhile many car accidents involve multiple vehicles, some don’t.  If happen to go off the road in a secluded area without your cell phone, you may be unable to call for help.  If you were injured during the accident, you may not be able to phone for help, even with your cell phone available.  Should a family member, friend or someone from the job be expecting you, they would likely start searching or contact the authorities for assistance.  Unless you left detailed instructions with someone regarding your intended route, your loved ones probably wouldn’t know where to look.  If your car was equipped with a GPS tracking system, they would not only know where to look, but where to find you as the unit pinpoints your exact location.

Car Theft and Hijacking

GPS can also be helpful in the event of a car theft or hijacking.  If someone steals your vehicle with you in it, just like the situation above, an in car navigation system could play a huge role in alerting others of your location and ensuring a safe return.  Even if someone stole your car without you in it, the police could use GPS tracking to find out exactly where the vehicle is.  It is very common for stolen vehicles to be reported missing yet never found.  With GPS however, you stolen vehicle can be recovered in a relatively short amount of time.


The situations mentioned in this article are just a few of several in which having a GPS tracking system for your vehicle could come in handy.  If your car doesn’t have one of these units installed, you may want to strongly consider looking into the matter.  The prices have dropped considerably over the years, and due to heavy competition, you should be able to find a nice satellite system for a reasonable price.  You never know what awaits you once leaving the safety of your home, but with a capable GPS unit, you can better assure a safe return under unpredictable conditions.

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