GSM and GPS Personal Tracking Device

With all the GPS gadgets you can buy, most of them are designed to track vehicles and other large possessions. However, have you ever wanted to just locate an individual person? Thanks to the mobile phone networks, there are mobile phone tracking services that exist. However, tracking someone via the GSM networks only gives you accuracy to around 50 metres or so. Sometimes you get slightly more accurate results in densely populated cities due to the higher density of phone network masts.

The personal tracker from Maplin combines both GSM and GPS technologies in an easy-to-use package. Sold as a device to help monitor vulnerable individuals, it wouldn’t take much imagination to conceal the device as a covert tracking device. The personal tracker has the facility to store up to 3 telephone numbers for emergencies. By pressing one of the pre-set buttons, the person with the tracker can quickly speak to someone at the end of one of those phone numbers.

Personal GPS GMS TrackerThe tracker also has an SOS button, which when pressed, will send the exact GPS coordinates of the tracker to up to 3 preset mobile phone numbers. The SOS button allows the vulnerable person to send for help, whilst providing rescuers with detailed location information.

If you want to find out the location of the tracker at any time, you simply send a text message to the tracker from any mobile phone. You’ll quickly get a reply with the GPS coordinates of the tracker. Once you have the GPS coordinates via SMS, you simply enter the coordinates into Google Maps or Bing Maps to determine the nearest landmarks and road names.

The personal tracker clearly has a very specific practical application, but it just goes to show how small GPS trackers have become, and how useful they can be!

This article is a guest post by Dan Harrison. Once upon a time, Dan used to design spy gadgets and gps trackers for private detectives and UK police forces!

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