Guide to Buying a Sat Nav

Buying a sat nav can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you are not mentally prepared for the overwhelming number of available GPS models on the market today. Below are guidelines to narrowing your search before you begin to ensure you don’t get lost on your way to owning a sat nav.


Three Types of Satellite Navigation Systems

Before you buy a sat nav, think about how you plan on using GPS. Do you travel for business and need a portable sat nav to transfer among rental cars? Do you spend most of your traveling time in your own car and want an in car GPS? Or do you want to integrate GPS into your smartphone using GPS software?

Choose Your Features

Car GPS systems range from simple to complex with an almost exhaustive list of features. Your job is to decide what features you must have, what features you would like to have, and a budget to allocate for the gadget.

Some of your options include Bluetooth capability, where you can sync the sat nav to your cell phone to make and receive calls through your GPS receiver. Some units also play music, take pictures, and even record video. However, if you will not use these extras except for bragging rights, consider a more sophisticated navigation unit without all the bells and whistles.

Choose Your GPS Model

Once you identify the features you need and your budget, it’s time to narrow down your options. Do some research and read several GPS reviews by both professionals and ordinary users to make sure the GPS navigation model you choose will perform as it advertises. Then, either visit an electronics store or search for a competitive price online. The current economy makes it especially easy to find a fantastic deal on a car GPS, particularly if you time your purchase to coincide with a holiday.

What’s Next?

You’ve successfully navigated the GPS jungle and can now rely on your new sat nav to lead the way. Hopefully you are confident that you not only scored a great deal, but selected the navigation system perfectly suited for your lifestyle. Put your paper maps in a time capsule, charge your GPS, and start enjoying driving again.

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