Guide to Buying an In Car GPS System

If you’re shopping for an in car GPS system, there are some important factors to keep in mind while you browse for the perfect unit for you.


Measure Your Dash

Not all cars were created to hold an in car navigation system, and therefore, you need to make sure your dashboard will accommodate an in car GPS. To determine your fate, take your car to a trusted electronics store that both sells and installs in car sat navs. They will be able to tell you whether an in car GPS is in your car’s future or whether you’re destined to own a portable GPS.

Choose Your Features

In car GPS systems have an abundance of fantastic features, and you need to decide the most important ones for your sat nav system to have. You can choose a simple model with navigation only or get increasingly high-tech (and expensive) multimedia unit that could include a CD, MP3, and DVD player, as well as memory capacity to store a digital music library and Bluetooth capability.

Work a Deal

Once you identify the features you’re looking for, it’s time to narrow it down the choices to one or two ideal GPS models. It is important to conduct research and read GPS reviews by professionals and ordinary users to make sure the GPS navigation model you choose is relatively user-friendly and does what it advertises.

After the system is installed, don’t leave the shop before you’ve gone over and tested all the features to make sure it was installed properly. Also, make sure the maps loaded into the GPS navigation system are the most recent. You won’t enjoy getting turn-by-turn directions only to end up at a dead end because that particular street is now a parking lot. There’s a chance that you might need to install GPS software to update maps or add features, such as the ability to create routes on your personal computer.

What’s Next?

Now it’s time to enjoy your car navigation system, including any upgrades you might have purchased, like a built-in stereo system or DVD player. Perhaps you’ve installed GPS software that connects you to traffic reports or warns you about speed traps. Just sit back, enjoy some music, and let your in car GPS direct you to your next destination.

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