HD Traffic from TomTom

The TomTom HD traffic receiver never lets you get stuck in boring traffic snarls. It brings real-time information about the traffic straight to your TomTom device.

tomtom-hdThere are several ways to obtain traffic information such as the radio, TV, teletext, and Internet. However, the information you obtain from such services shares some common inadequacy.

TomTom offers you the perfect solution, with its high definition traffic receivers, when you desperately want to know about your selected route that will offer least traffic, shorten your delay, and let you know about your expected arrival time.

TomTom HD traffic is there for your stress-free driving. HD traffic offers you live traffic information derived from advanced information sources. Thus, you can be sure that you are always on the smartest route. The device would always make you aware about an unfailing expected arrival time and help you to plan your busy schedule with confidence.

The HD traffic receiver is a fully automated tool and it doesn’t require additional activation. It avoids you doing multiple tasks while driving. You can concentrate on the road and make out your best possible route to the destination with the help of your HD traffic receiver.

TomTom HD traffic receiver offers you accurate traffic information all the time. The device has a plug & go service which functions immediately after you take it out of the box. It is free of external antennae. You need to just turn on the instrument to establish a live connection with TomTom traffic center and your device.

With this you receive updated traffic information every three minutes on your TomTom. The device provides you 5 times more service as it keeps on updating the information round the clock. Details about N-roads and highways are also included in the database of TomTom traffic center.

The device helps you to start out on the smartest route as it offers you comprehensive information on real-time traffic events before you even begin.

For traffic information TomTom HD traffic use the cell phones of the drivers traveling in their vehicles. This data helps TomTom to understand precisely where, at what speed, and in which way the cell phone users are making their journey. This database has information on Dutch and UK road networks.

TomTom HD traffic receiver is equipped with an in-built SIM card to facilitate the live connection with HD traffic. The receiver also charges the TomTom navigation system through the cigarette lighter. To use the HD traffic receiver you require the up-to-date software and maps. You can download these using a voucher code in TomTom Home.

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