How GPS Helps to Guard Those with Degenerative Mental Disorders

There’s been a lot of media coverage devoted to the notion of using Global Positioning Systems to locate wandering or missing persons. As such, many of the for-profit companies developing GPS units have employed marketing tactics to try and reach demographics concerned with the whereabouts of children and the elderly – particularly elderly people who may be suffering from diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s, or similarly degenerative disorders.


In an effort to deliver bias-free information regarding this issue, as well as to conduct objective research on the topic, the non-profit agency Project Lifesaver has taken it upon itself to study and address the situation.

Project Lifesaver states that there are three core factors taken into consideration when a person with a mental disorder goes missing. Namely, they are the following:

1) The very fact that a missing or wandering person happens to have Alzheimer’s or a related mental disease constitutes a critical emergency by definition.

2) Because of the nature of his or her condition, that person is not cognizant of the situation and is unaware that he or she is lost. Therefore, he or she will make no conscious effort to be found.

3) If the missing person is not located within the first 24 hours after he or she is reported missing, there is an almost 50% likelihood that that person will die.

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Thus, these three core factors are the backbone of the law establishment, the public safety commission, and of any community service organizations and/or health facilities when choosing the proper technology to combat this growing problem. Among these experts in the field, the general consensus is that any technology put to use in the efforts to address this must be the following: responsive, reliable, affordable, and practical.

GPS devices fit the bill on all accounts and has been incredibly helpful in multiple cases involving the location of wandering or lost elderly persons suffering from degenerative mental diseases.

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