How to Heighten Your Skydiving Experience with GPS

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find an outdoor enthusiast who wasn’t at least vaguely familiar with the world of GPS. And certainly the avid skydiver is no exception to the rule! For those who love skydiving, adding a GPS device to the equation can heighten the experience – and improve skydiving skills – at an even faster pace!

Tracking Derby

The website posits an interesting question that many skydiving aficionados may want to check out – what exactly does your flight track look like as you descend to earth? It can be a very fun notion to explore. Using the Tracking Derby online skydiving software and with the help of your trusty GPS device, you can review and analyze this data whenever you’d like.

How Does Skydiving Tracking Work?

It’s relatively intuitive and simple. All you need to do to begin tracking your flight is to complete the jump with a GPS recorder, which is typically strapped to your wrist. After you’re back on land, take advantage of the Tracking Derby software. The data is evenly divided into two separate categories – dubbed ‘Canopy Ride’ and ‘Suit and Wingsuit’ to differentiate your time and distance in free fall versus that of your flight once your parachute has been opened. Tracking Derby also allows site visitors to enter its Tracking Contest – and the winner is the person with the largest distance flown in free wall within a certain window of time. If you’re the winner, a special section on the site is dedicated to you!

Additionally, Tracking Derby exports the data you upload to Google Earth, so that you can actually visualize your flight as though you were watching it from an aerial point of view. You can also compare multiple jumps of yours side-by-side on the aerial map if you like, using color-coded lines, so that you can analyze flat tracks versus smoother velocity transitions, or merely contrast the pathways you took when making different jumps. There are many engaging, useful features here that you can explore, making your skydiving experience that much more intriguing.

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