How You Can Find Friends – and Dates! – with GPS

Just recently, the company Networks in Motion has issued a new patent to add social networking applications to GPS! Thus, avid GPS users and novices alike can now utilize their GPS units to find new friends, and even potentially new romances! The new patent is for a program dubbed the ‘Position Determination System,’ which will protect all intellectual property for GPS involving any social networking. Examples of this will include pushing and/or requesting a user’s location with the help of a GPS-enabled portable device, via a wireless network.


Dating and Socializing with GPS

The key component of the idea that would make the concept work for social networking purposes involves an innovation method of providing real-time coordinates and position information from one person to other people via the network. This could be done utilizing a traditional telephone line, a computer network, a cellular phone, or the internet. The GPS navigation system that the patent envelopes will have he ability to access any of these information sources.

Furthermore, the new invention enables a caller and a receiver of the cellular call/landline call/internet/computer network message to then exchange all information relevant to the physical location of both parties. This will includes GPS coordinates, naturally, but will also feature address information and nearby landmarks, like restaurants or public parks and buildings. Thus, if you meet someone great with the help of your new social network, you’ll be able to schedule a date or a hang out whenever you like, and it will be simple and convenient to locate the date spot, or even your new friend’s apartment.

In addition to all of this, Networks in Motion’s new patent will also allow both the caller and the receiver to retrieve maps and/or routing instructions so as to easily travel to visit one another. With the introduction of this new patent, anyone can now locate a friend using a system equipped with the same device in a matter of seconds, and by merely entering in their friend’s cellular number. A ‘buddy list’ feature will also be added, so that good friends can be located at all times – all one will need to do is add them to the list, and their location will be constantly accessible.

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