Hunt, Fish, Hike, or Climb with GPS

If you are an avid outdoors enthusiast, whether your hobby is hunting, fishing, hiking, or mountain climbing, GPS can enhance your experience and ensure you never lose your way again.

Astro GPS

astro_garminThe Astro GPS system is good for dog owners, whether you hunt with your dog or simply take him for walks. Astro is a high-sensitivity GPS dog-tracking system that allows you to determine up to ten dogs’ locations in a seven-mile radius. You simply put the all-weather collar on your dog, which is synched up with a portable GPS device that lets you track the dog. Once you turn on the portable GPS and it picks up satellite signals, it will automatically track the dog wearing the special collar. The collar with GPS is weighted so the antenna will always get a good signal.

Other features allow you to view your dog’s trail on a map, as well as see a compass pointing to the dog’s location, even if he’s running. If you’re using the Astro for hunting purposes, there is a special waypoint called Astro’s Covey Counter that will mark the exact location, time and elevation of your prey. This way, your information will be saved for future hunts.

Fishing Via Satellite Navigation

If you love to fish, you might consider a portable sat nav that helps you navigate water routes and find large fish, such as marlins. One of these portable sat navs will help you through difficult harbors and channels, as well as locate marinas, fuel stops, and restaurants. You can view a 3D mariner’s eye topside view or an underwater fish eye view with the added feature of dual beam sonar to paint depth contours and fish targets.

Hiking and Camping With GPS

Although there is aftermarket outdoors GPS software that you can add to enhance your current portable GPS, one designed specifically for hiking and camping is often lightweight and waterproof with a large screen, long battery life, and easy viewing in most lighting conditions. They often include a rapid route calculator, geocaching mode that turns the outdoors into a GPS game board, a compass, and a barometric altimeter with improved elevation and bearing readings.

Whether you like to fish, hunt, hike, camp, or even simply spend time with Fido, there is a GPS solution that can help you maximize the joy of your passions.

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