Review of IgotU GPS Travel Logger 600

clip_image002[6]We were recently sent the IgotU GPS Travel Logger 600 and asked to review it, for the benefit of the tech-savvy traveller. Here is our verdict – the IgotU GPS Travel Logger 600 with its, motion detector technology, i-gotU software suite and rechargeable batteries is one of the best travel logging devices on the market today. The GT600 only weighs 37 grams and is the ultimate travel blogging tool, so if you have not purchased one for yourself yet, we think it is time to do so.

Why the IgotU 600 is Better than the GT- 200 and the GT-120

clip_image004The IgotU GPS Travel Logger 600 easily beats the GT- 200 which was released earlier as its motion sensor technology makes the device automatic, turning the Logger’s power on with any movement and switching it to sleep mode when no motion is detected. This not only makes it easier to use but also works to save battery time.

The IgotU GPS Travel Logger 600 is also much better than the GT-120 version which does not have half as many features and is not equipped with motion sensor technology. The 600 also comes with A USB cable which makes it easy for users to connect the device to a PC, Mac, IPad and other such gadgets.

We encourage travellers of all kinds to visit Mobile Action and get this gadget as we believe it to be useful (if not essential), well priced at and easy to use.

Why You Gotta Get The IgotU 600


The 600e version of the Travel Logger is a palm sized GPS gadget with a SiRF Star III 65nm GPS chipset that will track your travel route and be your well informed travel guide directing you street by street, ensuring that you never get lost! Consider the list of features of the logger below if you need help making up your mind.

  • It only weighs 37 grams and fits into the palm of your hand at 46×41.5×14
  • Comes with i-gotU suite 3.1 software which also provides support
  • 600 logger’s motion sensor turns the power off automatically saving battery energy
  • Utilises a USB 1.1 cable instead of Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB Functions as a GPS device for PCs
  • Wrist strap provided allows users to easily fix it onto their person; you can also opt to fix it onto your bag.
  • Has 2 LEDs to indicate power on/off and status
  • Has a SiRF Star III 65nm low power GPS chipset
  • Logger works with any digital camera and even camera phones
  • Device is water resistant
  • Has an easy to recharge 750mAh Li-ion battery
  • Has up to 64M of flash memory
  • Capable of holding 262,000 way points

What Can The IgotU 600 Do?

  • Makes a journey plan presentation using 3D Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • Automatically maps and geo-tags your photos in real time
  • Creates and shares your travel blog with your friends and followers
  • Exports web albums in several formats
  • Works as an effective auto record data logger  

How to Geotag your pictures using the GT-600

clip_image005The Travel Logger 600 lets you tag your pictures with your exact geographical location and time, without having to check sign posts and your road map. To do this you will have to take this gadget with you whenever you take pictures and turn it on outside, wait for it to give you a location and then click away. After this, the devices motion sensor will kick in and turn the device off automatically when you are done with it. Do remember that getting the time right on your tagged photo will depend on the digital camera time.

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