I-gotU GT120 Review: Photos + GPS = Trekking Heaven

Have ever found yourself wishing for a device that not only acts as a Global Positioning System (GPS) but also tags your vacation or holiday pictures to the exact geographical location at which they were taken? If you have, then the i-gotU GT120 GPS Travel Logger is the device that can make this dream come true.

I-gotU GT120

Weighing in at twenty grams, water resistant and with built in GPS Patch Antenna, the i-gotU GT120 is a little bigger than a memory card in size. The battery life on the GT120 is extremely good with a thirty seconds charging period giving it sixty hours of battery life.

Some of the add-ons you get when you buy the GT120 include a USB charge/data transfer cable and the @trip software for your PC via a mini CD that is attached as well.

One of the most uncomplicated devices on offer in the market today, the i-gotU GT120 has only one button which serves to switch it on and off. The GT120 also comes with two LED’s, one blue, the other red. They indicate if the GT120 is switched on and if it has locked on a geographic position respectively.

i-gotU GT120 USB and Device

The i-gotU GT120 comes in a light blue skin that serves to minimise any chances of the GT120 sliding off a table or a dashboard and so on.

As mentioned earlier, the name of the software which acts as the lifeblood of the GT120 is the @trip PC. The mini-CD is all you really need to install the software, although it is advisable to check the website for any updates on the software that could be beneficial to you. The software has been designed to be extremely user-friendly and is quite simple to understand.

i-gotU GT120 box

Investing in a i-gotU GT120 is a good idea as not only is it small enough to fit in your pocket or even your wallet or purse if need be, but it also makes tagging and tracking your photos a lot easier. Of course, the fact that you can upload each and every part of your trip’s photos a lot faster with the GT120 is an added advantage. The GT120 is compatible with every digital camera and camera phone on offer in the market today, so compatibility is never an issue with the GT120. You can even have your friends view your 3D virtual reality travel blog via the @trip software. Keep in mind that the software has been designed to be Windows compatible, but getting it to operate on a Mac is doable as well.

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