Now cars can talk to each other!

Yes, this is possible with the new GPS technology introduced by the Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS). Now by using this new technology, vehicles on roads can communicate with each other via transmitters set at the traffic signals, cross roads or other major road traffic spots. They can also communicate directly with each other.

This technology was developed specifically to tackle the increasing amount road accidents. Now cars and other motorcycles can communicate with each other and exchange information about the current traffic condition and other prospective threats to each other.

Cars communicating

CVIS chose to first test this new technology, and for them there was no better option than Ernst-Ruska-Ufer track, which belongs to the German Aerospace Center – Deutsches Zentrum Fur Luft and Raumfahrt; DLR. According to the officials at CVIS, this place was ideal for testing this technology. The test was also a public appearance for the first time. The demonstration was scheduled on 11th of December, 2008. A large number of public and press reports gathered outside the space center, to witness this next generation GPS technology. The demonstration showed in detail and explained about how this technology will help in preventing deadly accidents from happening and save lives.

Some of the key features that CVIS has used in this project are as follows:

  • CVIS used the latest Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
  • The system included infrared and Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS). All these features were integrated into a singer system
  • Other features include user friendly interface, advance positioning system and customizable software

The company is expected to see an improved traffic system, as this technology will enable vehicle drivers to exchange valuable information like warning based on exact location of the vehicle, personalized routing suggestions and continues updating about the current traffic conditions. In an effort to bring about the best results/benefits from this new GPS technology, CVIS has collaborated with the European Road Transport Telematic Implementation Coordination Organization (ERTICO). The collaboration is intended to assist better intelligence exchange between these two organizations.


In an another subproject led by the geographical statistics supplier – Navtew Europe, the German Aerospace Center is developing an advanced position locating system for this newly introduced CVIS vehicle communication system. The intention is to develop extremely precise vehicle positioning technologies and rendering realistic digital maps. The technologies that are used to accomplish this task include the European Galileo Satellite Navigation System, Global Positioning System (GPS) and automobile sensors.

This CVIS development is a collective effort of 64 partners that involves many leading European car manufacturers, providers, research organizations and public establishment.

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