Infoterra: Alternative GPS Uses

Infoterra has been successfully using GPS techniques for geo-information services like assessing water quality, land monitoring, and spatial planning functions. Infoterra is directing vital implementation and development projects pertaining to land monitoring in European GMES. Friedrichshafen is the head quarter of the company and has a production center in Potsdam.

infoterraThe commercial rights of TerraSAR-X the new German satellite is exclusively with Infoterra which allows the company to offer high resolution, weather-independent radar data and also dependable data access opportunities. A collection of geo-information services and products based on the remote sensing data and radar data obtained by various other space borne sensors make the portfolio complete.

Infoterra performs an important role in GMES or European global monitoring for environment and security programs. This program is intended to extend support toward all the decision making levels like local, regional, national, or international with prompt and perfect geoinformation. With its European partners Infoterra offers resourceful and dependable services in vital GMES areas like European land utilization, humanitarian relief, and risk management. Along with its partners Infoterra serves collectively toward instituting enduring geoinformation services to deal with the environment and the safety of the changing world.

Infoterra is poised to make innovation and leads technologies by using the latest advancements in earth observations and information technology to offer modern geospatial options.

The pixel factory is an innovative processing suite that facilitates the automatic formation of 3D and 2D products from the satellite and aerial data.

Overland Thematic Processor is a modern tool intended for data analysis to create thematic maps as well as services.

GeoStore offers online access to the commercial use of geographic data, through the data hosting facility of Infoterra.

Infoterra turns the up-to-date geospatial information into helpful business information and makes the end user application successful.

The telecom operators throughout the world obtain best possible coverage by making use of ISTAR mapping products.

The major gas, mineral, and oil companies can cut time and improve cost effectiveness by using interpreted geospatial information. Farmstar services helps in crop management. It maximizes harvest by offering recommendation maps at various vital growth stages.

Infoterra offer data acquisition ability which is the best in its class. The customers are offered all the advantages of its exclusive range of spaceborne and airborne resources. Moreover, Infoterra operates with the complete collection of airborne sensors like the lidar, digital cameras, hyperspectral, thermal instruments, and radar.

Besides TerraSAR-X information Infoterra also offers fast and dependable access to a large variety of satellite data like FORMOSAT, SPOT satellites, ERS, IKONOS, QuickBird, and ENVISAT.

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