Insider Tips on How to Find the Best GPS System

Buying a GPS system can help streamline your travels significantly. It tells you where you are at all times, which is particularly handy when you are outside in the wilderness, hiking, biking, orienteering, boating or a myriad of other possibilities. Buying the right GPS unit for your needs can be tricky, but here is some advice to help with your decision.

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Decide What GPS Unit You Need

There are four main types of GPS devices – the car navigation unit, the marine system for nautical navigation, the handheld unit for outdoor use, and the GPS/PDA hybrid unit. With this in mind, evaluate which of these would make the most sense for your purposes.

When picking out the GPS unit that will work best for you, you should also consider the limitations of the various types. For instance, the portable handheld device is meant for general use, which means that it has relatively limited road database and terrain information. On the other end of the spectrum, the maritime GPS units have very specific maps that include undersea elevations and navigable channel information, which naturally makes them more impractical for general use. It all depends on what you are looking to do.

Determine Which Functions Are Critical

Spoken navigation might work well, for instance, if you’re buying a GPS unit mainly meant for driving from one place to the next. Conversely, if you are into hiking, you probably want a unit that is portable and lightweight, waterproof and backlit so that you can read the screen after dark. GPS/PDA systems can be good for multi-tasking, but do not necessarily take spoken instruction well. For a marine-caliber GPS device, you may want a fish finder system, and by all means, the waterproof feature would be most appropriate here.

You may also want to add extra features to your GPS that are not in the basic model so that you can tailor it to your specific needs. Some extra features that are available include the ability to use the GPS system’s speakers as a hands-free phone for your in-car unit, or informational tools that detail weather forecasts and information about the temperature, altitude readings, and icon options.

Pick and choose those which work for you and your specific needs, and your GPS can take you everywhere you want to go.

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