Is Garmin nuvifone moving to Android?

With the recent announcement of Garmin joining the Open Handset Alliance, the developers (supported by Google) of the open Android mobile phone platform, there is much speculation about how this may impact their upcoming nuvifone handset.

imageIt had been assumed that the nuvifone would use some form of a Linux OS, but no specifics have yet to emerge. With an anticipated release of Q2 2009, it is probably a bit too late for Garmin to switch to Android now, but perhaps this is an indication of where future generations might be headed.

One of many concerns about the nuvifone that has appeared is that it would not be open to 3rd-party developers. A move to Android, supposing that the platform will gain a bit more traction in the developer community, would give the nuvifone access to a considerably larger number of third-party applications and a greater incentive for developers to create applications compatible with the device.

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  1. December 22, 2008 at 12:13 pm #

    I believe having Garmin move their nuvifone platform to the Android would be a smart decision. They already offer GPS software for Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices, so why not continue making software for other phones (iPhone please!). I’m sure creating software can be cheaper than creating new hardware.

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