Is GPS Rivalling Einstein’s IQ?

Last year, TomTom continued to further its leading distance from the competition by introducing its IQ Routes technology. The technology is based on the average speeds actually measured on the road instead of posted speed limits. This means that the new TomTom GPS devices can determine routes by considering all options and selecting one that takes the least amount of time based on the recent historical speed data. TomTom’s IQ Routes technology gives you the benefit of finding the fastest route, cutting back significantly on time travel, fuel, and most importantly, money.

How IQ Routes Technology Works

With traditional routing methods, maximum speed limits are added into the calculation. While this data makes for a nice start, the information is not accurate. With traffic and a myriad of congestion factors, it may not simply be possible to reach the posted speeds.

In contrast, IQ Routes are designed in a manner that gives you the most efficient route with a more accurate estimated time of arrival. This is achieved by utilizing data gathered from well over eight million TomTom users worldwide, who submit the information automatically when connecting the GPS device to TomTom HOME. The community is constantly creating profiles with more accurate data as users drive around the world. To this day, billions of data points have been collected.

The data for IQ Routes is analyzed to determine the actual patterns in driving speeds. This data is then analyzed, creating patterns in driving speeds that are identified throughout the day. These profiles monitor five minute intervals on the road segment, creating an accurate image of speeds based on the historical data of millions of drivers. Each profile is added to existing IQ Routes integrated into the map of the TomTom device, enhancing the accuracy for premium routing.

IQ Routes allows you to drive through unfamiliar areas with the knowledge of a local resident, providing you with short cuts that save a substantial amount of time. This technology delivers the benefit of taking the best possible route on any day at anytime, making your commutes more predictable and less stressful.

Bringing Together Real-Time Data with Historical Information

What makes IQ Routes so effective is the fact that the technology works in conjunction with TomTom’s HD Traffic. The combination of historical and real-time traffic data helps you stay on the right course while avoiding traffic delays. The integration of these technologies gives the smartest route by doing the following:

  • Using a route calculation based on the actual measurement of road speed for each hour of each day of the week for every stretch of road
  • Providing live updates as you drive with real-time traffic information
  • Providing accurate measured speeds, information on traffic jams, and details on traffic conditions that are out of the ordinary

The profile database for TomTom’s IQ Routes continues to grow at an amazing rate with more than a half billion measurements added each day. This gives you the assurance of always being provided with the smartest route and detailed knowledge, regardless of where you are headed. With IQ Routes, you can enjoy a more efficient commute whether you’re driving through the city or rural areas in another town. Wouldn’t Einstein be proud?


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