Keeping Your (Furry) Best Friend Safe with GPS

Outside of helping you find your way around rush hour traffic, GPS can also keep your furry family members safe.  GPS technology has evolved to the point where you can now attach a tracking device to man’s best friend or whatever pet you may have to keep them from getting lost.

AKC Approved GPS

Pets, dogs in particular, are famous for running away and leaving their owners behind feeling sad and lonely.  Pet owners now have the ability to keep their animals from straying away thanks to a small device that weighs in at about 2.5 ounces and easily hooks to their collar.  Known as the Spotlight, this GPS tracking device is a new product released by the American Kennel Club.

The unit is lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to check the status of your pup from a personal computer or cell phone.   Pet owners can also place a call or text to the American Kennel Club to find out where little FiFi or Fido is currently located.  The unit even includes a feature that is quite similar to the Geo-Fence found in vehicle tracking systems.   You can set up Safespots for all areas where your pet is allowed to be.  If the animal happens to leave the area, the device sends you an alert.  Owners can follow the tracks of their missing pets for up to a week’s time.  The device also features an LED light which can be enabled via text message.  The light aids in the search and rescue mission as it can be seen from up to 100 yards away.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Pet GPS

The American Kennel Club’s GPS tracking device will save pet owners tragedy, as well as the need to hang missing dog posters all over the neighborhood.  These GPS tracking devices will make it much easier to find missing pets, and ultimately, help to keep them out of animal shelters.

Disney movies such as Homeward Bound are sweet and touching, but also very unrealistic.  Those cute and cuddly animals just do not behave the same way as those in the real world.  The sad reality is pets that go missing rarely find their way back home.  With GPS tracking devices attached to their collars, pets can be instantly tracked as soon as they wander out of the designated Safespots.

Each and every year, thousands of pets are reported missing.  Thanks to the innovations in GPS technology, you can make sure your pet isn’t one of them.


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