Little Known GPS Information

Though GPS devices are growing prevalent, questions still abound regarding the useful tool. Below are responses to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding GPS units. Perhaps one or more of them will come in handy as you become more acquainted with your GPS unit.

How can I get useful GPS utilities?

Many websites exist that offer helpful GPS utilities. There is actually a nice set of utilities that you can get for free from PHM, or Philippe Majerus, which includes several power items and a registry editor among them. Donations are accepted. You can check the website at .

How can I best sort my maps?

If you want to sort your maps by category, first keep in mind that the Map Loader will sort loaded maps into the ‘maps’ folder by default. After that, you can move the maps into any folders you want, depending on how you would like them categorized.

Is there some way to sort my Waypoint Maps for better performance?

Yes! The easiest way to do this is to keep your Waypoint maps in separate folders. While the Map Loader will always load maps into a folder called Maps, the Waypoint navigation software will work with folders which you may name anything that you desire.

Can I link more than one GPS to the same PC?

You can link together several GPS systems by using a program called ActiveSync, though you can only be using one GPS with ActiveSync at a time. If you remove one of the units and turn it off, you will then be permitted to connect another unit. Please note that although each unit will have its own backup area, not all will have their own file system space if you sync the files; instead, they will share data in Microsoft Outlook.

What happens if I didn’t backup my data?

Your backup data will save from either of two kinds of failures. You can either erase/corrupt a file, or you can lose all your data to battery failure. In the former situation, the data is unfortunately lost forever. In the latter situation, some of the data may be reinstalled without a backup. Conversely, data that was stored in permanent storage is not lost – this includes all Waypoint navigation data, which is certainly helpful.

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