Marine mapping from Magellan

Magellan meridian marine global positioning receiver is capable of storing 500 waypoints and 20 reversible routes with 30 legs. The quadrifilar helix antenna ensures optimal reception of the satellite signals and quick position fixes. The receiver has become more advanced and versatile with EGNOS and WAAS. The functions are supported by several major languages including English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, and Finnish.

marine-mapYou can see your accurate location on the seven navigation screens of Magellan meridian marine. The vertical profile graphs would make you aware of the elevations of your route. Even in insufficient light you can use your Magellan meridian marine GPS navigation unit with its backlit keypad. You can easily locate the information on the screen because it is set with big grayscale display. The device is protected with waterproof rubber covering, which is extremely useful for marine use. All these features are set within the compact design of Magellan meridian marine handheld GPS unit.

Magellan meridian marine is an ideal GPS navigator system designed for marine adventure. It is a perfect marine navigator that helps you to head in the right direction during your voyages. This handheld rugged GPS navigation device is able to coordinate data received from up to 12 satellites. It is equipped with 16-MB base map which elaborates the marine navaids of US including the fixed navaids, obstructions, buoys, lighthouses, and wrecks.

The secured digital memory card slot permits you to put in a data card. This way you can get more details or you can also make use of the memory card for storing the routes and waypoints. You can very easily view your latitude, longitude, and knots per hour with the help of Magellan meridian marine. This device would always keep track of your existing position and where you are heading within three meters.

SporTrak Pro Marine GPS unit from Magellan provides excellent tracking. This WAAS-enabled GPS receiver gives you 3-meter accuracy during your journey. It is set with 9 customizable screens and you will be able to trace your location, direction, and the route on the high contrast, large 160 x 104 pixel display. You can take this tough, waterproof GPS receiver with you in any of your boating adventure to correctly track your journey.

SporTrak Pro Marine GPS is featured with a comprehensive 15 MB in-built mapping database. You can expand the mapping capacity with a further 17 MB free memory with the optional maps from MapSend software of Magellan.

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