Mio A502: Your mobile office

Mio A502 is the latest PDA phone from Mio-the Taiwan-based manufacturer. Mio A502 will replace its earlier model with all new advanced features.

mio-a5021In terms of advancements and innovations Mio A502 is equipped with the novel features like WiFi and Windows Mobile 6.0. The device comes with 1 GB ROM and 64 MB RAM and will make use of USB 2.0. The earlier version of the device used to have 256-MB ROM and USB 1.1.

Mio A502 is PDA/GPS phone with a 2.7″-wide touch screen. The numeric keypad is attractive enough to sway the people opting out for iPhones. Mio A502 is designed with a SiRF Star III GPS. The supporting GPS technology of QuickFix A-GPS would complement the integrated GPS system. The map feature of Mio A502 is more efficient compared to iPhones’ even in places with closely packed high-rises.

The quadband GSM Mio A502 is set with EDGE and GPRS technology. 2.0 megapixel camera with auto focus and LED flash and Bluetooth 2.0 have made the device contemporary and trendy. The 200MHz TI OMAP 850 processor and Windows Mobile 6.0 technology make the phone much more improved than OS X. With long 4 hours battery backup, you get the freedom of continuous use.

MioMap is another interesting feature of Mio A502. You can carry your office in Mio A502 with its Windows Mobile 6.0, GPS navigation system, and digital camera. A502 also has a business card scanner that helps you in avoiding typing manually contact details and addresses. The sleek phone measures 95.7 x 59.6 x 20.7mm. This compact all-in-one device always remain in tune with your busy mobile lifestyle.

The extremely responsive SiRFstarIII GPS receiver of Mio A502 offers perfect navigation in various tough environments. It has a 20-channel GPS Receiver. Whether you visit a secluded countryside or a busy metropolis SiRFstarIII constantly keeps track of your position.

The Geotagging presents your photos a unique twist. This feature permits you set in GPS synchronized into the picture files. You can share the photos with your family and friends. The Mio DigiWalker locates the correct position of the photos. The device is also compatible with applications like Google EarthT.

Enjoy the wireless synchronization and get rid of the cables with the Bluetooth technology. With the Bluetooth technology transferring the contacts, tasks, calendar events, notes, general files, and media is done with minimum effort.

You can add more contents and maps with the device’s expandable MMC/SD memory slot. Anything you may need for a great mobile experience is there in Mio A502.

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