Mio H610: Smart and urban

The Mio H610 is an amazingly compact handheld navigation device which combines the most modern satellite navigation system, photo viewer, MP3 / video player, and games. This navigation system is simply great for city dwellers or cyclists.

mio-h610H610 from Mio offers flawless navigation as it is preloaded with 24 European nation’s maps and supports 16 different languages. The device helps you to find the various points of interests while visiting a new city.

Mio H610 sports is an ultra portable design. The device comes loaded with interesting and efficient travel tools, maps, multimedia player, and other entertainment options like games. However, you may not find it suitable for using in your car as it is designed with a smaller screen and it does not support text-to-speech technology. This has been developed as an exclusive hand-held device.

Mio H610 measures only 2.3 x 3.3 x 0.7 inches and weighs just 3.8 ounces. The device looks more like a MP3 player or a PDA than a handy navigation system. You can very comfortably place the Mio H610 in your bag or in your pocket. It is very convenient to hold Mio H610 in your palm as well. The white casing and curved edges make the device very attractive and easy to operate.

The 2.7″-TFT touch screen of the Mio H610 is capable of displaying 65000 colors with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The bright screen displays the images and texts with sharp clarity. Mio H610 is great if you travelling in a new city on foot. Also, a simple mounting system can fix Mio H610 to your bicycle.

On the whole Mio H610 is completely intuitive. There are large icons on the main menu which are visibly marked for all key functions. However, for operating the subsections easily you may need to practice for a while. At times the onscreen icons are merged in the map or set in the corners which makes it difficult for you to locate them. After using the device for some days you would become comfortable with all the operations. The tiny keyboard is set onscreen for your convenient data entry.

Mio H610 has an expansion slot for an SD card which helps you to store more information. In the right spine you would find the lock switch and the reset hole. The left side has an adjustable shortcut key. On the top you would find the power button and a USB port. You can attach the Mio H610 to the neck or wrist strap as it has a loop intended for this purpose. The headphone jack is set on the top.

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