Mio Moov 580

The Mio Moov 580 is a portable GPS-enabled navigation system with 4.7″ touch screen. The device comes loaded with the latest MioMap 2008. Its intuitive interfaces, local search capabilities, and the smart built-in FM transmitter are aimed at providing hassle-free navigation while on the go.

mio-moov-5802Mio Moov 580 has user-friendly features like text-to-speech, integrated camera, FM transmitter, radio data service-traffic message channel (RDS-TMC) real-time traffic, Bluetooth, and FM transmitter.

The most visible transformation of the exterior is the big 4.7″ screen. It offers the users more comfortable viewing experience. The larger screen offers more space for setting the menu icons. The aluminum casing presents Mio Moov 580 the sleek, stylish look. The wider screen makes it more convenient to view the maps.

You also get clear and loud navigation directions as the integrated FM transmitter tunes in the stereo of your car. The innovative local search of Mio Moov 580 is also compatible to Bluetooth that endlessly offers you live local data. This service helps you in locating nearby restaurants, hotels, gas stations, services, and shops. Mio Moov 580 has taken the GPS navigation to higher level with its NavPix. NavPix is ideal for photo navigation across Europe.

You can have the up-to-date Western European maps with eye-catching 3D landmarks. Mio Moov 580 has nearly everything you need for a smooth driving experience. It’s a lightweight and slim and just 18mm thick. Getting the right road direction is very easy with its text-to-speech feature that reads out the names of the roads and the junctions as you approach them. The built-in-traffic of Mio Moov 580 lets you make out what’s ahead.

Mio Moov 580 Europe is pre-loaded with maps of 22 Western European nations. Mio Moov 580 Europe plus has maps of 33 Eastern and Western European nations. Mio Moov 580 Europe plus & USA comes with the maps of 33 Eastern and Western European nations and set with the map unlock key for all 50 states of United States and Puerto Rico.

The device is backed by most recent maps and 3D landmarks with visible, clear objects. This is great for tourists who can have additional orientation for local points of attractions and shortcuts to emergency services.

With Bluetooth you can also make and receive hands-free phone calls. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, you can combine Mio Moov 580 with your phone and it spontaneously switches to phone mode from navigation mode each time your get a call on your mobile and permits you to keep your hands on the steering for a safe drive.

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