Motorola Motonav TN30

Motorola – the portable navigation provider company has announced the launch of its first product-“Motorola Motonav TN30”. It has a smart, black casing. The main menu has four choices for direct access viz. GO, MAP, CALL and SETTING.

With the GO menu you can find points of interests [POI], you can add the destination in it along with the address. It allows you to view the information about different locations by just entering the addresses. You can also choose within saved and recently visited locations.

The MAP button shows the map and your current location. Maps can be viewed in 2D or 3D formats with the help of the transparent buttons on the left of the map. You can directly access maps from wherever you are by using the device with the help of the small map button on the left bottom corner of the screen. You can zoom into maps if the road design is complicated. The CALL button allows you to make direct voice calls or you can also receive voice calls with it. You can also view the recent calls list and call those numbers again. There comes a pop up window of incoming calls and you can also ignore the calls if you choose.

On the right side of the device there is micro SD slot and a micro USB port, where as a Reset button at the bottom of the device. Speakers for voice guidance and text to speech functions are placed on the back side of the device. The device comes with a car charger and a windshield. It has plastic arm with the help of which the device stands firm during traveling. It is flexible so that we can adjust the screen as per our requirement. It does not have any complicated functions and it is quite user friendly. It has various features which are quite attractive, for example; it has hands free Bluetooth function.

Another interesting function is the text to speech function. It gives proper information about the next turns, street names, warnings and lane guidance. So, you do not have to halt or divert your attention from driving to collect such information. It also gives you warnings.

Its fresh, bright and attractive Touch Screen is 4.3 inch wide. The screen has different stylish icons for various functions like Bluetooth connectivity status and battery charge. You can see information about the street name, time remaining to reach a specific destination, altitude information, current time etc. at the bottom of the screen.

It also gives you information about complex intersections. You can also use 3D format for such intersections. It has large number of POIs in its database. It has attractive interface. Very soon Motorola is going to announce software so that users can update the database



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