Navigon 2200T

Navigon launched its new product in the market of car GPS named Navigon 2200T. It is priced at $229.99. This is a compact navigation device with a smart and compact look. The bright touch screen of 3.5 inch wide is bigger than compared to other portable navigation devices. It has a resolution of 320X240 pixels and measures 0.7 inch wide and 2.8 inches high.

The device has adjustment facilities for color and brightness of the screen due to this one can see the maps easily. Night mode is important for users in the dark areas while traveling. The realistic 3d views feature helps to see the information of complicated intersections.

Smart speller is a new user friendly function for faster search results. It has an onscreen keyboard and also the ABC format. The screen shows four options which are New Destination, My Destinations, Take Me Home, and Show Map

It provides free lifetime real-time traffic updates which is one of the selling points of the gadget. It provides customization features like one can put off some features on the screen if not useful to them. For this you will have to go to Options > Map Display > Categories Shown and then change the setting as per your requirement.

The device comes with a vehicle mount for both the wind shield and dash, car charger and other reference material required to fix the device. It fixes the device quite firmly. It has better options for data storing and data transfer like microSD expansion is on the left side, mini USB port is at the bottom. It has a restart button situated on the right side of the device and the on button is situated on the top of the device.

It usually takes 10 minutes to get connected under clear condition like clear sky and its battery life is short. It gives all information about the road and turns which the driver will need during the route. The device has text to speech function. It can also give voice guidance so that driver can continue concentrating on his driving and will get point to point information easily. The voice quality of the device is good and the voice is loud and clear just like a person is giving guidance.

It has an alerts system which gives detailed information about the current road conditions and warnings on time. It will be helpful for route planning as it provides information about alternative route and it calculates the time of journey quite efficiently. You can view the maps in 2D or 3D mode as per ones need. These POIs includes lodging, fuel stations, hotels and ATMs. You can also view the cuisines of certain restaurants. The touch screen shows the current street name, street name after next turn and signal strength. Like other PNDs this device has DirectHelp function. It provides information about you current location, nearest hospital, police station and other such emergency services and roadside assistance.

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