Navigon 8100T

Navigon, the portable navigation device [PND] manufacturer announces the launch of its new 8100T. This compact device has a modern finish. It measures 5.3 inches in length, 3.3 inches breadth and 0.9 inches thick. It weighs 9.4 ounces, which is slightly heavier than other PND’s.

The touch screen of this device is quite wide compared to other GPS models. It is 4.3 inch wide with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It can show the map and text like street names and other directional details, so that users can read it comfortably. You can change the map and text colour or you can set it to automatic so that the device will automatically change the colour according to the time of day. The wide screen of the device allows user to use the panorama view 3D, which is a unique feature of this device.

This user friendly device has a wide onscreen keyboard, so that user can enter the address comfortably and quickly. But there is no QWERTY keyboard. The address entry takes a little more time to process as the system is not quick to respond to you entries. So sometimes you have to wait for a second after entering a letter or pressing tabs like delete.

The device has a mini USB port and a reset hole on the bottom. It also has 3.5 mm headphone jack. The volume control tabs are situated on the external right side, so that users can adjust volume easily rather than going through many menus and options. The device comes with a car charger, a vehicle mount [windshield and dash]. The vehicle mount has a nice look and holds the device comfortably and firmly. It also has a SD card slot in which points of interest and maps are preloaded. There are maps of  the United States and Canada. You can view maps in 2D, 3D or Panorama 3D mode. On that map you can get information about next turns, current street names, speed limits and so on. The device comes in a protective pouch which reduces the chances of it getting scratched and therefore increasing the lifespan of it.

The device has a SiRFStarIII GPS chip. You can enter a specific address to plan the destination or else you can use the POI section, recently visited locations or the user-defined ‘home’. Rather than entering addresses every time by using the keyboard, the device has voice command facility with which you can enter your address with your voice commands. Before using the voice command feature you just have to give a short read test so that the device can understand your pronunciation style and will enter the address correctly. The voice command feature can be used for only address entering tasks and there are no voice commands for any other options. The voice command feature to work correctly takes some time. As you go on using the voice command feature the device recognizes your voice more precisely.

The 8100T supports multidestination trip. The POIs are divided into many categories to provide user comfort while choosing their destination. The POIs are divided into fuel stations, lodging and ATMs, restaurants by cuisine type, golf courses, marinas and museums.

When you enable the Bluetooth on your cell phone as well as the GPS device, you can make or receive calls. You can also transfer data from a cell phone to the device. This unit also calculates routes, gives prompt warnings, and the feature called Direct help provides the information of nearest police stations, hospitals and roadside assistance.


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