New GPS device from Sony – NV-U74T

Sony, has announced the launch of its new product called NV-U74T. The device is available at a cheaper rate which does not possess features like Bluetooth and traffic information. This device costs $349. It has text to speech function and audio quality is quite good. It gives information about street names and the next turn which allows the driver feel safe and comfortable.

This GPS device has a large 4.8 inches wide touch screen. The device measures 5.2 inches wide, 3.1 inches high and it is 0.8 inch thick. With this large screen you can view the information over the maps easily and comfortably. The bright backlight of the screen allows users to view maps comfortably. The highway information allows viewing in 3D mode, so the user feels less stressed because you get information about complicated intersections or can get lane guidance easily. You can also change the color of the maps according to the  time of day. You can zoom in or out. The maps have attractive designs with a vibrant look and a large display.  The screen can be switched to dual view if there are some complicated intersections. It also has large QWERTY virtual keyboard with auto complete function.

The power ON button is on the top of this portable navigation device. Open/release buttons, memory stick duo card slot, USB port useful for charging are situated at the bottom of the device. The USB input comes with 12V power adapter.

The main menu has three shortcuts to Navigation, Application and Setting. With the navigation menu there are buttons for address book, home and buttons which you can enter address, your points of interests [POI]. It has  a nice POI database which includes fuel station, shops. You can also search different locations as well as points of interests. The Application menu has traffic information and photo viewer option. The settings tab is used for enabling or disabling some additional functions like demonstration mode of features.

You can fix certain locations as your home or favorite POI so that next time you can start with the saved data.  The NAV_U tool allows you to update maps as well as voice information in the database. You can also edit the destination stored in the database of the device, however this process is quite slow.

The super suction cup holds the device in the car firmly during the journey. It is a combination of best suction cup and adhesive. To fix it on the dashboard of your car, put the suction cup on the dash board and allow the air to come out of the surface and the cup, and at last  moment just rotate the lever to fix it firmly. The device gets attached to the dashboard so strongly that even if you want to replace it you need a lot of force. The speakers are placed on the back side of the device. So the sound quality of the device depends upon where you place that device. With this device you can view photos in JPEG format with the help of Memory Stick Duo Slot.


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