One For The Bikers

This device can be safely described as a wholesome navigation system for the motorcycle riders. It has been designed by the bikers and therefore it perfectly suits the requirements of the motorcycle riders themselves.

zumoThe number of components and features packed in the device would definitely surprise you. This sleek 11.3 x 9.9 x 7.3-cm device weighs only 269 g. To make the operations easy, some of the buttons in the zūmo are made very large. You would find only the on/off button in the right hand side. The left side is set with four contextual buttons.

The rider friendly touch screen has left-handed controls, which make the unit convenient to manage and operate. The high brightness and UV resistant display makes the screen easily readable under every lighting condition.

The zūmo 550 comes with pre-loaded city navigator street maps. Its huge POI or points of interest database includes restaurants, motels, ATMs, fuel stations, and many more. The turn-by-turn voice directions speak the street names so that you can concentrate on driving. It helps you to set proximity alerts and make you aware of the approaching POIs.

You can have optional XM subscriptions with the XM antenna which lets you check the weather, listen to radio while traveling with zūmo within US. In some selected cities zūmo is capable of receiving TMC traffic alerts. This is an optional service and you need to have an attuned traffic receiver for this.

Take advantage of the Bluetooth technology and talk over phone safely while driving without removing your helmet or gloves. The Bluetooth interface helps you to make phone calls to the POIs. Moreover, you would be able to listen to the voice prompts wirelessly to your headset.

Before starting your trip, you can plan the entire route on your PC with adding local attractions, fuel stops, and food joints. You can then directly transfer the plan on your zūmo, and rest of things will happen automatically!

You can enhance the storage capacity with additional SD card. You can also enjoy your favorite tunes while riding as zūmo lets you load mp3 files. You can share your riding adventure with your family and friends with zūmo’s smart JPEG picture viewer.

They make use of 1.9-GB hard drive. zūmo has a universal mounting plate that can be placed anywhere. Highly powerful lithium ion battery and vibration-proof, and water and fuel resistant outer cover make the device tough as its master. The long 4-hour battery backup ensures that you never need to bother for power cables.

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