One Idea for a Fun Vacation with GPS

If you’re planning a family vacation or a get-away for you and a significant other, bring along your GPS! Various destinations the world are now encouraging travelers to use Global Positioning System devices for even more than just getting to and from your hotel.

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In fact, from the Gulf Coast in Florida to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and even all along historic Route 66, the sport known as geocaching – a sport formerly best reserved for the highly tech-savvy – is helping those with a sense of adventure to transform their journey into one that unfolds much like a mystery novel, as clues are revealed one at a time.

One example of this is beginning May 20, 2008, in Asheville, NC, as the geocache hunt known as The Ultimate AsheCache will guide the traveler to many unexpected locations. And if they’re smart and a little bit lucky, it may also lead them to some great prizes.

For those not familiar with the sport, geocaching is essentially a modern adaptation of orienteering, and it requires the use of a GPS handheld unit. A geocaching outing can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. In order for a player to be successful, he or she must locate the hidden cache – which is generally a repurposed ammo box or a small plastic container filled with a pen, a logbook, and a small trinket. Caches can be literally anywhere, and clues as to how to find them (including coordinates) can be found online on various geocaching websites.

The Ultimate AsheCache is a big event. Asheville will invites all interested to come to town starting May 20th to take part in finding hidden treasure that is worth more than $2500 in total. The race was designed by Graeme McGufficke, world-class geocache expert, a man second in the world for hiding caches. The competition will lead its participants through urban areas, natural terrain, and – if successful – ultimately to one of five themed treasure locations.

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